Saturday, October 24, 2009

wet trail

wet trail
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Most of the trail was extremely wet - literally running with water, like a stream, or covered in standing pools. By habit, I started out by trying to avoid walking in the water. But I quickly gave up and just went straight through the pools, often stepping into water that covered several inches of my boots. They remained excellently waterproof.

All my gear held up pretty well, actually, except my mittens got completely soaked - and I thought they were waterproof! Also, I continue to have the problem that water drains into my sleeves whenever I raise my hands up. Not sure what to do about that, but I'll have to find some solution. Overall, I stayed reasonably dry and warm despite all the water.

As I approached the summit, I passed the two guys who, I surmised, were heading back to their big black truck. One of them joked "I think I left the keys in the truck!" - guffaw! It appeared that I would soon be the only soul on the mountain... neat!

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