Saturday, October 24, 2009

mt osceola near parking lot

mt osceola near parking lot
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Here I'm on the way back to the car, very close to the parking lot. In this area the foliage was still lovely. The rain made the colors very vivid.

Despite all the rain, and some trouble with ice, this was a really cool hike, exhilarating even! Hiking through all the water made me feel like I was being absorbed into the outdoors. I was also glad to bag my third 4000-footer.

The total hike was a distance of 6.4 miles. It took me 4 h and 40 min for a pace of 1.4 mph. Not so bad, given the conditions... The elevation gain is 2050 feet, according to the White Mountain Guide. I will have to go back some day, to cover the section of trail between E Osceola and Mt Osceola.

What a great day! I wonder if I will be able to do any more hiking in the Whites before winter comes in for real?

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