Sunday, October 04, 2009

the view

the view
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This is the view from the outlook at the top of the gully, described in the AMC White Mountain Guide (p 349).

I think it was about 5 or 10 minutes after passing over the rocky slide that the trail passed through a steep, sandy, slick gully, and then rapidly leveled off. The troop leader was waving me up, saying that we had reached the summit. The scouts were sitting around taking a break at a short spur trail to the right where there was, in theory, a view. However, there was no view today.

Before leaving their spot, the troop leader invited me to stay at their campsite further on, which was very nice of him. By now, though, I'd become convinced that I'd be wiser to turn back. I looked around at the non-view, and then turning around, I noticed that the trail continued on upwards. So the troop leader had been incorrect, or at least I had misunderstood him; this was not the summit! Still, the trail looked much easier now, so the peak must be near. I continued on up, past a few more steep rocky bits, until the trail went completely level and easy.

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