Sunday, October 18, 2009

climb to waterville valley ski area

climb to waterville valley ski area
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After what seemed like ages, I finally came to the turn off for the Waterville Valley ski area. At this point, the road goes sharply uphill - not the best way to end a hike! And there was even more traffic up and down from the resort. When I drove down, I discovered it's 0.7 miles from the turn off up to the parking area.

The entire distance from the Mt Tecumseh trailhead on Tripoli Rd back to the parking area at the Waterville Valley Resort is almost exactly 5 miles, and I did it in 2 hours - a pace of 2.5 mph. So it really wasn't as bad as it seemed; I think I was expecting it to be quicker, and I didn't like traveling out on a road for so long.

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