Sunday, October 18, 2009

go right, here

go right, here
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The AMC White Mountain Guide says that the trail crosses the brook at about three-tenths of a mile in - that's here. There's a small cairn to mark the spot, and a small pile of branches "block" the trail just beyond it.

However, I was oblivious and wandered on up beyond the cairn for a while, where the trail slowly petered out. I had only been walking for about 10 minutes, and didn't expect to reach 0.3 miles so soon. At this point I "noticed" that the trail was unmarked - surprising, since the guide book had not mentioned that the trail was unmarked! In fact, the trail was not unmarked; what I had "noticed" was that I had wandered away from the trail.

I strolled back down the trail wondering what to do, and then I realized that I had missed the brook crossing, which now appeared to be clearly marked with a cairn. There were yellow trail blazes, too, but there's no big yellow arrow pointing the way at this spot.

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