Sunday, October 18, 2009

osceola trailhead off tripoli rd

osceola trailhead off tripoli rd
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From there on, the rest of the trip down to Tripoli Rd was pretty uneventful and relaxed, a slow and gradual descent. The entire trail, a distance of 5.6 miles from end to end, took me about 3.5 hours excluding breaks, for a pace of 1.6 mph.

At this point it was just a matter of following Tripoli Rd back to the ski area. It's a dirt road for a while. When I had driven over it earlier, I hadn't realized that it climbs for quite some time before finally descending.

As I passed the Mt Osceola trailhead again, I could see that cars had overflowed the parking lot and were spilling out along the road, as seen in this photo.

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