Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mt Chocorua

Yesterday's hike: 5 h 30 min | 7.4 mi | 1.4 mph.

Mt Chocorua, at 3,490 feet, is not quite a 4000-footer. But in hiking up it, you experience an elevation change of about 2500 feet, similar to many of the 4000-footers. For example, the hike up Mt Osceola is only about 2000 feet.

Jim Liberty cabin is wrapped in chains to prevent the roof from flying off

Yesterday I did this hike via the Liberty Trail. I got nearly perfect weather for hiking: almost no wind, and crisp fall temperatures (35-40 F or so, I think).

The first 2 miles of the trail were not exciting. It was very muddy in spots, and completely covered in deep piles of leaves. But the top made up for it!

View from ledges just below the summit of Mt Chocrua
As you near the top, you get several breath-taking views, and pass over huge slabs of rock. Some of the trail is so slabby that it feels like you're rock-climbing. I'm glad I was only carrying a small pack. With a larger one, I probably would have been more nervous about some of the rock scrambling required to follow the trail.

Looks like an opportunity for some slabby rock climbing!
The trail doesn't actually go over the peak of Chocorua. It looks like you're supposed to just make your own trail up the last 50 feet. It's very exposed, so take each step carefully!
USGS marker at the summit