Sunday, October 18, 2009

snow at brook crossing

snow at brook crossing
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As I hiked on, the amount of snow on the trail increased. Here, at 1.1 miles, the trail recrosses Tecumseh Brook. There was a light smattering of snow over most of the trail at this point.

The trail is relatively easy up till here. There's a gradual uphill climb, but nothing too strenuous. That worried me a little, because it meant that a lot of the 2200 feet in elevation gain still had to be climbed over the next mile.

Just looking at the map now, it appears you've gained about 700 feet or so here, more than I had realized.

I was also beginning to wonder just how much snow I'd find as I continued on. I definitely had it in my mind that I might have to turn back before reaching the summit. A dismal thought!

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