Sunday, October 18, 2009

cairn at mt tecumseh

tecumseh cairn
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This is the cairn at the summit of Mt Tecumseh.

I didn't stay here long. As soon as I stopped to look around, I started to feel the cold. With snow covering everything, I didn't feel like hanging around to explore.

There was only one obvious viewpoint, a break in the trees to the southeast (I think).

I wandered around the summit briefly, trying to decide what to do. It was 1 pm, and I was confident I could make it down to Tripoli Rd before dark, turning the hike into a loop, if I really wanted to. However, there was still that risk that I didn't know what to expect going down the other side of the trail. I waffled a bit and spontaneously decided to go for it. I also randomly predicted that it would be only about two hours of hiking from the Tripoli Rd trailhead back to the ski area. This turned out to be correct, for no reason I can think of, since I didn't bother to estimate the distance by looking at my trail map!

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