Thursday, October 28, 2010

mt moosilauke

mt moosilauke
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Today's hike: 6 h 15 min | 11.2 mi | 1.8 mph

I took the Glencliff Trail to Mt Moosilauke (at 4802 ft), an elevation gain of 3300 ft. This was my 13th 4000-footer.

On the way back, I made a loop of it by taking Moosilauke Carriage Rd and then following Hurricane Trail back to the Glencliff Trail. Hurricane Trail takes you up another 900 feet.

The Glencliff Trail up to the junction with Moosilauke Carriage Rd is among the easier trails I've taken up a 4000-footer. It helped that the trail was fairly dry, with no ice or snow; in fact the weather was spectacular!

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