Sunday, October 10, 2010

great view cairn along carter moriah

great view cairn along carter moriah
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As I moved up the Stony Brook trail, nearing the point where it meets Carter Moriah, I began noticing some wet bootprints on the rocks. Eventually I saw a couple of hikers up ahead. I stopped to fill my water bottle, and give them some distance.

Soon, I began to approach them again, and I realized I'd just have to pass them. They politely gave me the right of way.

Later on I caught up with them at the trailhead. They were kicking back at their car, downing some cold ones.

I had taken the loop back to the car, while they had apparently come back down via Stony Brook. They expressed some surprise at how fast I was hiking. It's my feeling that they were slow, not that I was fast - I wasn't going much faster than book time. It was somewhat amusing. I'm not used to people remarking on my speed (unless I'm being too slow). I didn't explain that to them though!

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