Sunday, October 10, 2010

gorham, nh from surprise

gorham, nh from surprise
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Once I reached Mt Moriah, I decided to continue on the Moriah Carter Trail, go down to Gorham, and walk the road to get back to the car. It would add miles to the trip, but I thought I'd be out of the wind more quickly.

Well, it turns out that Moriah Carter is a pretty difficult trail to go down here; this is not mentioned in the AMC Guide, and you can't tell it from the topo map either. Basically, there's about a mile or so of "slide"-like rock between Mt Moriah and Mt Surprise. Some parts are very close to vertical. I was very glad that I was only carrying about 10 lbs at this point.

So the going was really pretty slow again. Eventually, I reached the vicinity of Mt Surprise. I could see Gorham in the distance, and I could see the bridge close to where my car was parked on Rt 16, almost directly west from me. I briefly considered bushwhacking down to my car to save me the trek through town once I hit the road, but quickly decided that would be unwise, given the time of day.

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