Sunday, September 26, 2010

water running down flume slide

water running down flume slide
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I started at the hiker's trailhead just north of the Flume Gorge parking area, off Rt 93 in NH. In case you're wondering, you should take the Flume Gorge exit, 34A. I overshot it, thinking that the hiker's trailhead would be at another lot directly off 93. No. I wasted some time circling back. Despite that, I started my hike nice and early at 8:30 am.

It looked like it would start raining any minute, despite the 10% chance of rain predicted. I decided to trust the weather report, possibly a foolish idea.

Getting to the Flume Slide is incredibly easy. The hike is mostly flat with just a few hills almost all the way! It made me kind of anxious wondering just how steep the ascent up to Mt Flume would be (the Guide indicates it's 1500 ft in 0.5 miles).

Well it turns out the Slide is not so bad. Here's a look up one section. I was lucky that it hadn't rained. A lot of the rock was dry, although there was water running down along parts of the slide.

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