Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mt Flume and Mt Liberty

got to franconia ridge trail in 3.5 hours
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Today's hike: 6 h 45 min | 9.5 mi | 1.4 mph

I hiked up two more of the White Mountain 4000 footers today: Mt Flume (4328 ft) and Mt Liberty (4459 ft). These are my 10th and 11th 4000 footers, w00t! Total elevation gain was about 3000 ft.

I had some trepidation about taking the Flume Slide Trail up to Mt Flume. The AMC White Mountain Guide indicates the trail is particularly dangerous when wet, but it wasn't supposed to rain today, so I decided to attempt it.

But later, I read a trip report that says it's a very difficult Class III climb - "harder then the North Tripyramid slide" - yikes! Given my recent difficulty hiking that slide, I wondered if I was up to it, especially since I've recently recovered from a terrible case of food poisoning. This would be my first hike in a couple of weeks.

I waffled all the way to the foot of the slide. I decided that if it looked bad, I would just turn back around.

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