Sunday, September 26, 2010

some autumn color

some autumn color
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On the drive up 93, I saw a lot of autumn color. But on the hike itself I mostly saw green leaves, and just a few yellow or red accents here and there. I think northern NH is peaking soon, but there's still quite a lot to go.

As I neared the bike path, I met a woman climbing down with a lot of difficulty. I learned she had sprained her ankle at the top, and had hobbled all the way down with a partner. Worrisome! So far, I've avoided this fate. I hope she's okay.

Despite the grey skies it was yet another great day for a hike! I'm very happy it didn't rain on me. Also, I'm glad I made the decision to try the Flume Slide, which worked out so well. It was challenging but fun.

Last but not least, I applied blister protection prior to hiking, so I didn't get any blisters. And I didn't get any knee pain, either, hallelujah!

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