Sunday, September 26, 2010

a look up flume slide

a look up flume slide
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Here's another look up the Flume Slide. This section was not so bad, but it had a larger wet area. Along one large section of the slide, the rock surface got really slick when wet. It was difficult getting traction if your boots were wet, even if the rock was dry. Someone should patent the stuff.

There were times when I had to lay my body against the rock and work my way up with hands and feet, so I can see why it's a class III. But I still think the North Tripyramid slide is more difficult. That's because the North Slide opens out into a wide, exposed area, and it's difficult to know if you're going the right way. I may be mistaken in thinking it matters how you ascend the North Slide - perhaps any route will do. I will have to go up the North Slide again to get a second opinion on that route.

Maybe I was seasoned by North Slide, but the Flume Slide just didn't seem so bad to me. I kept slogging at it, slow and steady, and eventually hit the top. I only slipped a few times, and never more than a few inches. The climb took about 1 h 30 min.

I met two people coming down the slide, something the AMC Guide does not recommend. They didn't seem too bothered with the descent and were using poles (whereas I was using hands and feet). However, I encountered them pretty high up, where the footing was better. I wonder how they managed on the slick parts.

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