Wednesday, November 11, 2009

summit of Mt Passaconaway

summit of Mt Passaconaway
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Right after the overlook, you come to a sign pointing to the summit of Mt Passaconaway, off to the right on a spur trail. I followed this to a fork; both branches of the fork petered out after a few meters. This spot on the left fork looked the highest, to me; I'm guessing it's the true summit.

At this point I was feeling pretty good. It was 1 pm; I'd made the ascent in good time, despite delays, and I knew that if I just returned the same way I'd come, I'd probably be out in two or three hours. But what fun is that? There are several other ways off of Passaconaway, all heading back towards the parking lot... so why not do a loop?

I studied the Guide quickly for an alternate route, and decided to try the Wonalancet Range Trail (p 409). To get there, I'd need to follow the Walden Trail down off the mountaintop, which I proceeded to do apace.

Entire Mt Passaconaway Trip Report

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