Sunday, August 09, 2009

midstate trail end

midstate trail end
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I hiked rapidly down from Watatic on a gravel trail - so rapidly that I missed the turn off into the woods. (Coming back, I didn't see a clear blaze pointing the way, either).

Heading down, I saw a trail runner coming up the gravel track. We gave each other a smile as we passed each other. Trail running looks fun, but strikes me as too risky. I have a tendency towards sprained ankles.

In any case, before long I was certain I had missed my turn off. I came to the bottom of the gravel trail, where I found another giant granite monument to Watatic from the year 2000 (there's also a smaller one at the top). The whole place down there looks strangely abandoned, with a giant concrete foundation bordering on some wide open space, and some phone wires running over the ground. In fact it felt a bit creepy.

I had two choices - I could head back up to Watatic and look for the Midstate cut off, or I could look for a trail heading west. I decided on the latter. I found a poorly maintained track which crossed a brook, went up some hills, meandered around. But I finally made it to the Midstate. I'm not entirely sure that I was on public land all the way, hm.

From there, I easily made it to the New Hampshire state line. I found the same marker that I found last year, which reads "Borden 1834". Since I wasn't so tired, I had the energy and common sense to follow the wall a little further west, and found this post which reads "A & A MASS 1894". Is this really from 1894? Very cool!

I was delighted to have found this marker, which I missed last year!

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