Tuesday, May 26, 2009

leatherman's cave

leatherman's cave
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I went hiking in CT yesterday. This is a view from inside the leatherman's cave, at the junction of Jericho and Mattatuck trails, near Waterbury.


Peaceful said...

How wonderful to happen upon your blog- I was looking to hike the leathermans trail & up mad mares on a geocache treasure hunt tomorrow. Great photos- I would love to see that old cottage.

md said...

When you say "mad mares," perhaps you mean the Mad Mare's Hill section of the Quinnipiac Trail? That's the only "mad mare" that I know of in CT.

Keep in mind that the leatherman's cave is really a cave, not a cottage. But it's fun to visit!

md said...


Ah, I think you mean the Leatherman's Circuit-Hamden Paper Road cache. That's a different leatherman's cave, down in Hamden.

The one in this picture is over by Waterbury. There are some better photos of the Waterbury cave at wiki. I don't know if there's a geocache over there.