Thursday, February 26, 2009

A review of "The Genesis Code: A Thriller"

by John Case

The Genesis Code is a book in the same vein as Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. Both involve the conflict between science and religion, and a huge religious conspiracy.

Difference is, Genesis Code is less “fantastic” and rather more believable (up until the ridiculous twist ending). The focus is not so much on the mystery itself, but more on the action as we follow our hero, a private investigator, in his search for his sister’s murderer. I find this book better written – better character development and style. But being less fantastical, it’s also less gripping.

True, the book has plot holes – how on earth did Lassiter manage to leave a vital document untranslated for so long? And the plot line involving a reclusive celebrity was rather far-fetched. Still, it was entertaining enough that I’d be willing to try something else by John Case.

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