Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tynan Park connector

Tynan Park detour
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This is where the new Tynan Park connector comes in. It is at the north end of the Higby Mountain section of the Mattabesett, as you approach Country Club Rd.

I kept following the blue blazes, rather than going to Tynan Park, because I was curious about the state of the main trail. At this time, it's a bit rutted, messy, and muddy, with trees sometimes blocking the trails. Presumably this is blowdown, but maybe it's due to logging activity.

You can see evidence that a tractor has been through this area; the woods road has deep ruts that couldn't have been made by an ATV. And indeed once you get to Country Club Rd, you find the tractor itself.


Morrow said...

I am at the sign right now.

Did the first 10+ miles of Mattabessett from northern end to here.


md said...