Thursday, May 24, 2007

High water

High water
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Today's hike: 2 h | 4.8 mi | 2.4 mph

I went for a hike along the Quinnipiac Trail, starting at Chestnut Lane in Sleeping Giant Park and hiking down to Quinnipiac River State Park.

According to The Connecticut Walk Book West, p 223, "parts of the trail are overgrown with brambles and poison ivy that can be impenetrable during late spring and summer when growth is lush." You can say that again! I'm not allergic to poison ivy (knock on wood), or I never would have attempted this section - it is loaded with that plant. On top of that, trees have fallen over, blocking the path, and there are sections of the trail where you really could use a machete. I'm going to have to do a thorough tick inspection.

After hiking for about 30 minutes south of Toelles Rd, I came to this deep stream (could this be Pine Brook? There's supposed to be a bridge at Pine Brook). I didn't see any way around it, so I turned around. I was hoping to complete the Quinnipiac Trail today, but it'll have to wait.


Scott Leone said...

Please come on board and post to the Quinnipiac Trail Wiki at The Hamden Open Space Commission is interested in what you have to say.

md said...

I just tried hitting the link you posted, but the site is down. How long has this site been up? It looks like it hasn't been crawled by the major search engines even.

After a little investigation, I found this wiki, which is probably what you meant. I see you're an author there. Maybe I can add a little helpful content.