Sunday, May 06, 2007

Chauncey Peak

Fortunately, I was more interested in hiking up to Chauncey Peak, at the other end of Country Club Rd, and I could avoid any questions of trespassing.

As usual, I stopped by for a look at the old engravings on the cliffs overlooking the quarry. I was disturbed to find that some of them have been newly defaced by some moron with a can of spray paint. In particular, my favorite engraving, done by the Cosmopolitan Club in 1875, has been partially obscured. Hopefully the paint will fade quickly. While it's true that the engravings are, in some sense, a form of graffiti themselves, they now wear the patina of history, which gives them special status. Well, unless they're fake, of course. I'd love to find some verification that the engravings are genuine.

Crescent Lake
View of Crescent Lake aka Bradley Hubbard Reservoir

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