Saturday, January 03, 2009

A review of "Seven Pounds [Theatrical Release]"

I don’t want to say much about Seven Pounds; saying just about anything will be a spoiler. The movie is hugely emotional. There’s not a very complicated plot, although the way the story develops, it does keep you guessing for a little while. The story, which is completely believable to me, is something you would more likely find in an indie film. It’s hard to believe that mainstream America will turn this movie into a blockbuster.

I am surprised at the many negative reviews. At Vanity Fair, the reviewer criticized Will Smith for “how highly [he] may regard himself”. WTF? I saw another review that called the movie self-important. I have no idea what these reviewers are talking about; I think it reveals more about the reviewer than about the film.

The movie was a little too long but other than that, it’s definitely worth watching. I laid down six bucks to see it and I got more than my money’s worth!

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