Saturday, January 17, 2009

A review of "The Miracle Strain"

by Michael Cordy

The Miracle Strain, by Michael Cordy, is a pretty silly work of fiction involving a conflict between a weird Christian cult and a doctor developing gene therapies. Hm, the premise doesn’t sound impossibly bad, but once you start reading, you realize that you could drive a tank through the plot holes. The writing style does not redeem the book (think Dan Brown or David Baldacci), and the characters are the barely fleshed out stock figures that you generally find in thrillers.

This was a fast read, and comparable to something you might find written by Dan Brown, but with a miserable plot. Somewhere between Brown’s really bad Digital Fortress (which had below average writing) and the much better The Da Vinci Code.

I don’t think I could be convinced to read anything by Cordy again. It was just too much nonsense.

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