Sunday, September 23, 2007


Originally uploaded by wereldmuis.

Around 6 pm I decided that it was likely that no one else would come and interfere with the peace at my chosen site. So I set up my tent. I left the fly open, thinking it probably would not rain.

I did get to watch the sky turn dark through the mesh roof of my tent. But soon after, a light sprinkle of precipitation hit the mesh, and I scurried to close the fly, trying to avoid getting my sleeping bag wet. I fastened the fly with only one peg. Almost immediately, a drenching rain came down. I was a little worried, but the fly held up fine.

As usual, I neglected to bring enough sleepwear and my toes got kind of frosty. By morning, the clouds had cleared up, bringing a brighter, colder, drier day. Once I packed up and got moving, I warmed up pretty quickly.

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