Sunday, September 23, 2007

magic latte

magic latte
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For my trip to the Catskills, I had decided to take the hike up Panther Mountain, described by Catskill Hiker. This is the first time that I've planned a trip based entirely on an internet description. So I went to my local Barnes & Noble, hoping to pick up some trail maps, in case I encountered difficulties (parking lot too crowded, missing, or whatever). The closest I could get was a book of day hikes in the Catskills. I figured at least one of those hikes would work for me, if Panther Mountain did not.

On impulse, I also picked up Greenspan's new memoir, "The Age of Turbulence", unabridged, in CD format. Good thing! I'm enjoying it a great deal. I finished three of the sixteen discs on the drive to and from the Catskills.

Once I got to the vicinity of the trailhead, I began scouting around for a spot to pick up extra water. I had realized, belatedly, that I had not checked to be sure that there would be a water source somewhere along the trail. I spotted something that was too tempting to pass up - a cafe! This was the Black Bear Hollow Cafe. It is to the south of Rt 28, near Phoenicia, NY. They had breakfast sandwiches and - gasp - lattes! I got a "Highmount" (bacon, scrambled egg, cheddar cheese on a hard roll) with a latte. It was utterly delicious.

By the time I reached the trailhead, I had barely touched my latte, so I brought it with me. I think it was this magical latte that made my hike up the mountain less difficult than usual. I haven't been backpacking in two years, yet I felt very strong and my feet were light on the hike up.

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