Tuesday, February 07, 2017

peaked mountain

Today's hike: 4.0 mi | 2 h | 2 mph

It snowed on and off during this hike. The trail had a light coating of 1-2 inches of snow. I climbed up the Middle Mountain Trail to about 1/2 mile below Middle Mountain, then took the Peaked Mountain Connector Trail to the top of Peaked Mountain. I descended via the Peaked Mountain Trail, which makes a nice loop.

The footing was not bad. Microspikes were sufficient. Snowshoes would have been overkill.

There was no sign that anyone had been out this morning. On the way back, I saw cross country ski tracks heading towards the Pudding Pond Trail. I also saw fresh turkey tracks crossing the Middle Mountain Trail and the Peaked Mountain Trail. I think it must have been the same flock of about 6 or 7 turkeys.

View from the top of Peaked Mountain this morning

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