Monday, July 05, 2010

hancock loop trail choice

hancock loop trail choice
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The weather was great! Clear blue skies, but a bit too hot and humid, and pretty still with only rare breezes.

There weren't too many bugs either. I had heard that there might still be black flies, but I didn't encounter any. Just a few mosquitoes, and they weren't voracious.

On the way up, I passed a trail runner who wasn't carrying anything, just running down the mountain. This made me feel a little bit overprepared, carrying a backpack and all. He said it was nice and cool up top, but that wasn't really true by the time I got there.

At the Hancock Loop trail, I took the trail to the North peak. I had heard the trail to the South peak was incredibly steep, so I figured it would be more pleasant taking that down. The problem with going up the North loop is that it takes you straight down for a while... and then you go up and up and up again. There are some stretches of trail which are very scrabbly, with difficult footing, and I slipped a few times, but not badly.

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