Sunday, June 27, 2010

wasp on butterfly weed

butterfly weed wasp
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It took me about 2 h 10 min to get to Rte 28. I had hoped for a 4 hour hike, and it looked like I could do that, but I decided to take an easy, relatively flat route back. I took Forest Path and then veered off on Border Path, a trail I haven't taken before. The disadvantage of this route is that it's closer to traffic, so you get car noise. Still, it's pretty. I saw a whole load of wild flowers in a meadow on a hill - this butterfly weed was especially beautiful.

The trip back was pretty easy, and I went fast. I got back to the parking lot at 3 h 40 min. I still wanted to do a 4 h hike, and I had plenty of energy left, so I revisited the red trail to Summit Rd, and then came back down again. That put me in at exactly 4 h. Wonderful day!

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