Friday, September 18, 2009

the wall

the wall
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I've only been rock climbing a few times, a long time ago. Then I went rock climbing a few weeks ago, and remembered how much fun it was, and wondered why I wasn't doing it more often.

So I immediately ran out and bought a pair of shoes and a harness. Yesterday I did a short indoor climbing session, for about an hour.

It was fun, although I didn't find it as much fun as outdoor climbing. The climbing wall was weirdly plastic-smooth, unlike the outdoor climbs I've done where the rock was very ragged, with a lot more places to grab on without slipping.

Despite that, it's the only economical way to practice on a regular basis, so I think I will join a club. My immediate goal is to learn how to belay, which I've done before, but I've totally forgotten how to do by now. Longer term, I'd really like to learn lead climbing. Actually I'd probably be quite happy to do bouldering, too!

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