Monday, October 08, 2007

Castle Craig

Castle Craig
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Today, I went for a hike along the Metacomet trail once again. After the ignominious events of last week, I felt the need to jump back on the Hanging Hills horse and prove that the Metacomet is no challenge for me.

I drove up to the parking lot of Hubbard Park, planning to hike up to Castle Craig from there. However, there was a suspicious character hanging around the lot, and I decided to look for a different parking spot. I drove up to the Castle itself, where there was plenty of parking and no suspicious characters.

I had planned to hike west, but was inattentive and hiked east instead. I didn't get lost, per se; that would have been really annoying!

I've hiked this section of the trail before... there are some very nice views up near the Castle. The day was excessively hazy, but I enjoyed the hike nonetheless.

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