Thursday, July 26, 2007

Computer recycling

This week, I decided that I should get rid of a couple of old CRT monitors that have been cluttering my apartment, and I wanted them recycled. The Connecticut DEP has a little page listing companies that recycle computers and tvs, although many of them are out of state.

I tried The Computer Recycler first, since their site says they offer a free 24/7 drop-off bin for monitors. Fortunately, I called before going there - they've suspended that service ("temporarily"). Next I tried Computer Recycling & Refining, L.L.C.. I called and yes, they accept monitors. So I went on over there with my two monitors: it cost $12 for the smaller one and $15 for the larger.

I did briefly wonder if they were legit; they seem to be, but how can you tell for sure? They've got a Federal EPA registration number, which inspires some confidence. I recommend them: they were nice.

I'm under the impression that you don't have to recycle CRTs in CT (at least for non-commercial residents), but it still seems like a good idea...

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